How to grow on OnlyFans Guide

Published on:July 02, 2021
How to grow on OnlyFans Guide Preview

How do I grow?

The number one question for new OnlyFans creators is "how do I grow?" This question deserves both a short and a very long answer. Here is the short answer. You grow from posting great social media content and collaborating with established creators. You can pay for promotions from other people, and that works, but that can get expensive. Something to keep in mind is OnlyFans is a subscription business. It's not only about getting fans, it's about keeping them. None of the promotion stuff matters if you aren't making great premium content. And now for the long answer:


If you are going to be a content creator and charge for your content, make sure to create content consistently. You also need to make sure that it's good. Remember that there are so many people out there doing this on the daily that you are competing with. If you are not top 1% in terms of physical attractiveness and sex appeal, you are going to have to work harder. Set schedules and get good quality content out. Listen to your fans and make sure you are making things you like to make, but also things they want to watch. This will ensure that anyone who subscribes will be more likely to stick around and keep that rebill on.

If you are making content consistently and its fire, then it's time to start letting people know about you. Get on social. TikTok is fire right now. But you will get banned if you just go there and sell your OnlyFans. Be smart about it. Learn to use TikTok as a creator, not as a seller. See what's trending and what you like. Then start to make content that fits in. If you make good content, people will click your username and see your bio. Your bio should have a link to your Instagram and not your OnlyFans. They will suspend you for linking to OF. Your Instagram can link to your OF though, and if your IG gets deleted, create another and link it again. It's better to lose the IG than the TikTok. The only purpose of the IG is to send TikTok fans to your OnlyFans. If your content on TikTok is good and you are cute, you won't need to sell, fans will figure it out for themselves.


Use this same strategy for Reddit. Find subreddits that are not for selling and make good content for those subs. Do you have a nice ass? Take a great photo of that ass and put it on r/asstastic. If it's a good photo, it will get upvotes and more people will see it. Those people will click your username and see your profile. Make sure to have a link to your OnlyFans pinned on your profile. It doesn't look good if they scroll through your page and all they see is the same photo blasted to dozens of different subreddits. They will look at you like a spammer or scammer and move on. This is important. Just like with TikTok, use Reddit like a creator and not a seller. Let the content and the pinned post sell. Your fans will figure it out.


If you can, collaborate with people who are already successful. Many OnlyFans models work with a lot of new creators. When they tag them in posts, I have seen first hand how many new fans they will get. But you don't need to work with her, work with anyone who has a presence and has fans. Fans love to their favorite creators work with other creators. Collaborations give everyone fresh content to share.


Been helping a friend get going in this business over the last couple weeks. She is starting from scratch too. Figured it would be helpful to share with you guys some of the best practices that I am using with her. These are just my opinions and strategies. You might be successful doing something else. This is what has worked for me and my friends.

First, if you are brand new, don't jump right into selling. You don't have anything to sell yet. If you are an established creator with a following on other platforms, that's another story. But if that is not you, then pump the brakes and build up some fans first. Think of your business like a business. If it was a clothing store, you wouldn't open the store with one single shirt alone on a rack on a wall. You would want a whole collection of clothing before you even thought about opening the doors and paying for ads. Same with your content business. Build up your content as well as a fan base, and then open your doors.

For example, with the friend I am helping, she doesn't even want to sell at the moment. She just wants to create content and entertain. That is exactly the type of attitude that finds success in this business. If she does that for the next month or so, she will develop serious fans by the end of that. Plus she will know if she even wants to continue to do this, which is more important.

As far as getting new people to discover you, Reddit is your gateway to attention. So is TikTok, but that's a story for a different post. Learn to use Reddit as if you were someone who wanted entertainment value from it. Not as someone just trying to profit from Reddit. The community on Reddit is pretty good about ignoring a cash hungry account. They can sense it. Don't be so thirsty for cash. Make your focus learning to use Reddit and learning how to find subreddits that inspire you to create content and be involved. If you don't have the time to get familiar with Reddit and learn how to be social there, then you should think about doing something else. You can definitely be successful without Reddit. If you are not willing to learn to use a tool which could impact the success of your business, then I don't think you care to be in business. You just are trying to cash out quick.

I have a few "tricks" for growing fast on Reddit. I won't share them publicly now, but I will write up another post on how to use Reddit for Onlyfans. Those of you who are serious about your business, it would be a good read. I can almost guarantee that if you use the strategy correctly, you will make good money in the first month. I am actually using it with my friend right now. I will share some of her results when we are done so you guys can see how it works. Mind you though, and I hate to say this, but the "hotter" you are, the better it works. I have used this strategy with every kind of female and they all made money, but the "hotter" ones made a lot more.

If you think you would be interested in learning about the strategy I am talking about, check back on the blog. Make sure to allow notifications to get the latest blog updates as well.


Real talk though, this business is not easy. Unless you are super attractive, you are going to have to work for it, and that's ok. The harder you work, the better you get, and the easier it becomes. It gets more rewarding it is when your work starts to pay off.

Hope this help! ✌️